"I'm really trying to make it more than what it is
Cause everybody dies but not everybody lives.
Wish I could have this moment for life
Cause in this moment I just feel so alive"

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photo of the day JUNE 19

McLean Falls, Catlins

Last Sunday Sarah and I took another adventure on a tour of the Catlins, which is an area about 2 hours south of Dunedin. It was a really cool place and our tour guide was awesome as well as the Kiwi's on the tour! We traveled around the Catlins all day and stopped at several different spots. First we went to Waipapa Point, which is a short climb up to a historic light house, and then a lookout over the nuggets, huge jagged rocks that are out in the sea just off the coast. Then we went to Cannibal Bay and observed sea lions, even got charged by a few! It was awesome, Then we went on a bush walk to the small, beautiful Lake Wilkie. Following that we went to McLean falls (pictured above). This was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. I asked our tour guide if we could go see a waterfall and this is where he took us. We hiked up to the waterfall and then when I thought we were there, he had us climb up the wet slippery rock ledge to get a full look at the waterfall. It was amazing! The waterfall was seriously so pretty and mesmerizing! To finish the trip we stopped by the Niagara Falls of New Zealand which is apparently a joke, and then we finished at Curio Bay where we saw yellow-eyed penguins and the famous petrified forest on the beach. This trip was so cool and showed me a lot more of New Zealand!
PS- I hope to do a post eventually just solely on this trip cause it was that awesome!

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