"I'm really trying to make it more than what it is
Cause everybody dies but not everybody lives.
Wish I could have this moment for life
Cause in this moment I just feel so alive"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo of the day MAY 28

New Zealand Fur Seal

Today I went on an off-roading wildlife tour on the Otago Peninsula. It was a lot of fun and really cool to see the seals, penguins and albatross. I caught this cute seal pup yawning, just waking up from a nap. What is cool about the tour I went on was they don't let anyone disturb the animal's natural habitat. Even the people that work there do not hurt, help, or disturb them in anyway. the viewing was through a small cave with a look out point. We were able to get closer to the seals than we did to the penguins, but I really respect that this company doesn't build special shelters or anything, they just view them from afar in nature. This seal was so cute though!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun and that is really cool that they don't disturb the animals. You're really getting to do a lot of stuff already!