"I'm really trying to make it more than what it is
Cause everybody dies but not everybody lives.
Wish I could have this moment for life
Cause in this moment I just feel so alive"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NZ Photo of the Day MAY 24

Cargill's Castle
I went to different lookout points today when my coworker basically took me on a guided tour of Dunedin. This castle is in ruins and there is no public access to it. It is also 1 of 2 castles in NZ and it is often overlooked because Lanarch Castle is much more popular. I chose my photo of today to be this castle because (1) castles are super awesome and (2) it has a kinda interesting story behind it. ~The castle was built by Edward Cargill who was an important political leader and at one time mayor in Dunedin. The castle is built upon high cliffs that overlook the ocean. The spooky part is, Edward's brother John Cargill dug a narrow tunnel down through the cliffs to give his daughters private access to the beach because he loved them so much. (Tunnel Beach) Later on, one of his daughters committed suicide on that very beach. Some think she drowned and others think she jumped off the cliff to her death.

Oh and my Kiwi word of the day is 'sweet as' - meaning great, cool, awesome, ect.



  1. I like this picture! So was this as close as you could get to the castle? Can't wait to see more of the other one too.